Corporate / Sofía Lazcano / Antonio Baena / 02-24-2020

Sofía Lazcano takes over as head of G-advisory

Sofía Lazcano has taken over as head of G-advisory, the consulting arm of the Garrigues Group. Lazcano replaces Antonio Baena, who has decided to concentrate entirely on providing services to clients.

Antonio Baena joined G-advisory in 2000 and has been the partner in charge for the last 18 years. From now on, he will continue to work as partner in G-advisory in his areas of expertise: energy, sustainability and climate change. Baena qualified as an industrial engineer from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and is lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Energy Business at the Club Español de la Energía, and a member of the Environment Committee of the CEOE (Spanish Employers’ Confederation) and the Environment Committee of the Madrid Industrial Engineers Association. 

Sofía Lazcano joined G-advisory in 2005 and has pursued her entire professional career at the firm. She is well-known in the market in the fields of energy and sustainability – the main areas in which she has provided her services at G-advisory since it was founded in 2000. She has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Navarra and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from EOI. Sofía Lazcano has also participated in various projects at both national and international level in Europe, Asia and America. 


Sofía Lazcano

Antonio Baena